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What’s new for modern bedroom design in 2011? Well, we can look forward to quite a few exciting new bedroom styles and features. Let’s start at the top and work our way down.

In our bedroom we’re seeing a lot of LED lighting coming into trend. Fixtures are subtle and are often made of recycled material such as glass or paper. The look is sleek and contemporary and very appealing to the eye. Also, LED’s have a very nice cost effective advantage to them. They are cool to the touch, produce clean blue (or white light, depending on the LED you have) and last for years and years saving you a lot of money in the long run. Also popular in our modern bedroom design in 2011 is the use of natural light. Look for skylights or large panes of glass that let in copious amounts of natural light.

Next up we look to the latest paint color trends. We can sum this up in one word. Purple. We’re seeing all shades of purple from smoky dark purple to a light lavender. Nothing is off limits in this color family. Depending on personal preference, you can create a soothing atmosphere or a very dark and cozy atmosphere. This is definitely looking to be the next big neutral color and we’re seeing it paired with both chocolate colored furniture pieces and light or white colored accents as well. Also important to note is the trend of using paint that is environmentally friendly and has low VOC’s. Paint companies are recognizing this trend and it’s getting easier and easier to find your shade that’s in tune with the environment.

When it comes to furniture, our modern bedroom design for 2011 looks to be mix and match when it comes to style. No longer do furniture pieces have to match or even be in the same style family. We are finding modern sleek pieces mixed in with antique pieces and even furniture that’s been re purposed from the local flea market. Look for different woods and textures. The only rule you really need to follow is to keep them all in the same color family (i.e all pieces in white or dark wood.) For bedding and upholstery we’re seeing beautiful nature inspired and eco friendly cottons and other linens. We’re also seeing chairs and benches in use that are played up with stunning fabrics that are plentiful in texture and bold color.

Lastly, on the floor we’re seeing beautiful renewable woods and eco friendly carpets and rugs. The trend looks to be towards neutral colored rugs and carpets. Carpets in particular are being made from recycled materials and have low amounts of toxic dye in them. As for wood, refurbished hardwoods are becoming more and more popular along with the use of bamboo, which is a renewable and beautiful looking material.

African theme bedrooms and bedrooms with an Asian design are expected to be especially popular, proving that interior designs from other cultures and continents can hold their place in foreign countries.
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    Mar 18, 2013 by Ashley | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I need help on what color to paint my bedroom. My comforter is white with yellow, navy, and brown flowers all over it. I also need a color for curtains that would look good, any ideas? Thank you :)

    • What kind of look are you tying to achieve for your bedroom? Do you want a girly themed bedroom? If so you can paint it pink or light purple as well as light green, these colors will perfectly match your bed sheets. As for the curtains try net curtains they come in several colors and designs that will give your room a new look. The good thing about this type of curtains is that they won’t entirely block the sunlight from entering your room, which means your room can still be bright during daytime without turning the lights on. You can check out some pretty net curtains design at Net Curtains Online.